The GDETO is responsible for handling economic and trade matters between Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and the five provinces/region. Similar to other economic and trade offices of HKSAR, the GDETO serves to promote Hong Kong's economic and trade interests and seeks to attract direct investments into Hong Kong. The Office performs the following functions -

  1. economic and trade liaison - to further develop and promote the economic and trade relations between Hong Kong and the five provinces/region through enhanced communication and co-operation with the provincial government and the relevant local authorities;
  2. enhancing understanding between the five provinces/region and the HKSAR governments - to act as a channel of information between the HKSAR Government and the authorities of the five provinces/region on economic and trade developments;
  3. support to Hong Kong enterprises - to strengthen communication with the Hong Kong businessmen operating in the five provinces/region, and provide better support by obtaining and disseminating information on the five provinces' policy and legislation relating to commerce and trade and their latest economic developments. Where there are commerce and trade-related issues of common concern among Hong Kong businessmen, the GDETO will refer them to the relevant authorities and follow up with discussions. However, it is not in a position to arbitrate on individual commercial and legal disputes;
  4. investment promotion - to provide information and services aimed at promoting investment from the five provinces/region to Hong Kong;
  5. promoting Hong Kong - to project a positive image of Hong Kong as a good business partner of the five provinces/region through organising promotional activities;
  6. assisting Hong Kong residents in distress - to provide practical assistance to Hong Kong residents in distress in the five provinces/region; and
  7. HKSAR passport replacement service - to provide HKSAR passport replacement service for eligible applicants with a valid HKSAR permanent identity card.